Phaedra Parks Praises Her Sons, Brothers And Dad - Check Out Her Strong Message

Phaedra Parks Praises Her Sons, Brothers And Dad - Check Out Her Strong Message
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Phaedra Parks shared an emotional message in which she's telling fans and followers why she's going so hard fo black men. Check out her post below.

'When people ask me why I go so hard for #black #men and #boys my #answer is- my two #sons, my two #brothers and my #dad. When I see how hard they #work, #love and try to do more for me and our #family it propels me to speak up for every black man and boy,' Phaedra began her message.

She continued and said: 'I know the #police can’t see their intelligence, wit, integrity or desire to leave a meaningful legacy but if they could just see them as someone’s son, husband, baby or merely a human being maybe they will give them an opportunity to live. No #mother should #worry or have to teach their #son to #fear a person who took an oath to #protect and #serve. #blacklivesmatter #blm #boymom Kiddie drip: @childsplayclothing.'

A follower commented: 'Ms. Phaedra. I simply love you and admire you! Keep raising those handsome young men to be SOMEBODY!!! And keep educating them about any and everything, you know that will benefit them in their youth and adult life! Love you like a sister. You and Porsha were my favorites on RHOA. You were too INTELLIGENT for that crew! PERIOD!'

Another commenter wrote: 'I have always thought your sons were the cutest! I hate that you have to worry about this. My white privilege allows me to not fear in the same way you do. Please know there are many good men and women who wear the badge and will protect them. I pray for their safety and feel so sad that racism still exists today. I pledge to do my part to educate my sons to make the world better and he aware of their privilege.'

Someone else gushed over her sons and family and said: 'They are the best little boys and you are the best mom! Your family is always a shining example of strength and character and what family is supposed to be! I love you all and stand right beside, in front of, behind or wherever I am needed to protect and join the work to be done.'

Phaedra made her fans proud again these days when she celebrated Juneteenth and she also made sure to mark this important event on her social media account as well.

Other than this, Phaedra is another celebrity who  accepted the challenge of flaunting her pride to be a black woman.

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