Phaedra Parks Poses With Her BFFs And Fans Say She Is Twinning With Her Son, Dylan

Phaedra Parks Poses With Her BFFs And Fans Say She Is Twinning With Her Son, Dylan
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Phaedra Parks gushed over her BFFs who are her riders, and she shared a few pics with the ladies on her social media account. Fans are praising them in the comments, and fans say that, in some of the pics, Phaedra is twinning with her son Dylan.

'When your #vision is #2020 and my #sisters in #love riding with me @mzshyneka & @cburnsfalker ❣️📸: @signalmediashot,' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: '@phaedraparks, you always wear your outfit well 🙌 love seeing your photos,' and someone else said that Phaedra looks just like her son: 'That's Dylan right there. 😍'

Another fan said: 'You and your friends look wonderful,' and someone else noted this: 'You wore that dress yesterday. And I’m really glad I had a chance to meet you. I can’t wait for this walk and brunch.'

One follower posted: 'Auntie Phae serving class and realness, what did they expect a Black Queen 👑 to do!' and someone else revealed that 'If you were my future it wouldn't be bright, it would be blinding.'

One of Phaedra's fans said: 'Ayyyeee! Come through vision of love! Cute pic babes!!' and a follower told Phaedra that she's been mentioned in the most recent RHOA episode: 'You watching rhoa tonight? The girls are fighting, and they brought you up.'

In other news, Porsha shared a video featuring her son , and fans are in love with him.

‘Out of the mouths of babes 🤣😩 Here’s to a smooth #weekend and an easy #Friday #night #TGIF yes #MrPresident is always an entire #MOOD,’ Phaedra captioned her post which is a video featuring her boy.

Fans praised the boy in the comments, and they said that he's definitely twinning with Apollo. In the post mentioned above in which Phaedra is posing with her pals, people said that she looks like Dylan.

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