Kenya Moore Shows Off Her Amazing Natural Hair And Fans Cannot Get Enough Of Her Beauty - See The Clips

Kenya Moore Shows Off Her Amazing Natural Hair And Fans Cannot Get Enough Of Her Beauty - See The Clips
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Kenya Moore shared a few clips in which she flaunts her amazing natural hair. She's promoting the Kenya Moore haircare line, which has been praised by a lot of people so far.

Check out the jaw-dropping clips that Kenya shared on her social media account.

' #MooreHairCareMondays I exclusively use @KenyaMooreHair to keep my hair healthy. When I use all my products my hair grows so fast bc it is strong and it retains length. Protective styles can be used occasionally to give your hair a rest. However, wigs should NOT be used to cover up your hair bc you are ashamed of it due to its poor condition,' Kenya began her post.

She continued and told fans that 'For Exclusive tips on how and when to use protective styles, stop damage, get healthy hair, transition and to grow your own hair longer, Follow @KenyaMooreHair to buy visit @sallybeauty Get exclusive coupons, In-Store Appearances, promotions, and give-a-ways. #kenyamoore #rhoa #healthyhair #longhairdontcare #celebrityhair #hair #sallybeautyuk.'

People praised her in the comments like there's no tomorrow.

One follower had a curiosity and said: 'Stop changing the narrative...the question is WHY did you have on a wig on last night episode! 🤔🤔🤔Then check Marlo for noticing? That’s the narrative! Us natural girls want to know! Let me help you...protective style maybe??? 🤔🤔 We not mad (at least I’m not—I love my hair), but that wig goes against your platform according to your hairline platform! Just looking for truth so we can put this to bed.'

Another follower gushed over Kenya and posted this: 'Lovely Healthy Hair For Sure👑 but c'mon now, Kenya, Wigs also serve as a quick styling alternative - not just as a cover-up for unhealthy hair issues. At least for myself & several models & vocalists that I work with. We have lovely healthy long hair & still wear wigs at times. #yourmyfavorite.'

A fan wrote: 'It's your hair, but let's not forget ppl...her hair has been long way before she came out with her hair products... it's her genes ppl!!! You can buy every product in the book. Some of us will never achieve this length....that came from her momma and daddy...'

Just the other day, Kenya addressed her love for miracle baby Brooklyn Daly .

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