Phaedra Parks Has A Piece Of Advice For Her Fans

Phaedra Parks Has A Piece Of Advice For Her Fans
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Phaedra Parks posted important advice for her fans and people appreciated her words. They also made sure to praise her in the comments.

'Be #expensive the #discount section is already full! #yesimdifferent,' Phaedra said.

A follower posted: 'And once you do this, it becomes easier to rid those who don't honor you. Pay attention ladies to the actions; not the words he says.'

Someone else wrote: 'You betta.... and it’s ok when you notice who ain’t got it,' and one other follower posted this message: 'Yes ma’’s the High High over here.'

Another follower said: 'Love this Sis ❣️ yes stay #topshelf #gradeA #itaint4everybody .. the air is different up here !!! Keep slaying.'

Someone else wrote this: 'P, you were & always will be high quality that's what I admire about you,' and a follower posted: 'Stealing This!!!!!! It is what it is, RIGHT! #knowyourworth.'

A commenter said: 'YES! If RHOA offer you to come back in the future or any other show they better offer you a hefty sum,' and someone else posted this message: 'Yes indeed they been showing their asses all year and ain't got shit.'

Lots of fans posted all kinds of kind words targeting Phaedra.

These days she's living her best life together with his sons.

In other news, Phaedra Parks impressed her fans with a new photo that she revealed on her social media account. This is a part of a new challenge that’s been going around.

She also shared a video  on her social media account that has fans talking in the comments. You should check out what’s this all about.

Other than this,  Phaedra is thinking about her fans and followers’ well-being these days and she just posted a motivational message.


Fans appreciate the fact that she tries to keep their spirits uplifted, especially during these hard times we live in.

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