Kim Kardashian Sobs, Breaks Down In Tears With Kanye West As Family Is In Crisis — See The Photos

Kim Kardashian Sobs, Breaks Down In Tears With Kanye West As Family Is In Crisis — See The Photos
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian reunited with Kanye West and photos of their reunion are going viral for sad reasons. While Kim Kardashian has opened herself to public scrutiny and is often the subject of memes, photos of Kim sobbing, in what appears to be uncontrollable tears, are touching people in a different way. No one is laughing anymore, and people are now understanding that Kim's life with Kanye is not a picturesque, billionaire-dream come true, but there is a lot of pain and suffering involved. Mixed reports have surrounded the couple with many saying Kim is at her breaking point and though she wants to keep her family together, can't take any more .

It was reported that Kanye left their marital home in California and was staying at their Wyoming ranch and refused to see or speak to Kim. He made a series of disturbing tweets and publicly, yet indirectly, accused Kim Kardashian of having an affair. He also said the couple considered abortion when they first learned Kim was pregnant with North. Kanye made the statements during his presidential rally and cried out, "I almost killed my daughter."

Though Kanye publicly apologized for his behavior and then briefly visited a hospital, fans are still worried that the couple's marriage will not be able to survive this latest episode. Kim Kardashian flew to Wyoming on Monday to reunite with Kanye, and though she is still wearing her wedding ring, no one knows for sure if divorce is on or off the table.

Some are concerned that Kim was sobbing because she told Kanye that she wants a divorce. Those reports have not been verified and at this time, it is believed the couple is working to save their marriage, and family from this latest crisis.

You may see the photos of a heartbroken Kim Kardashian crying as she reunited with Kanye West below.

What do you think about the photos of Kim Kardashian sobbing? Do you think her marriage to Kanye can be saved?

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  • Sis. Mary
    Sis. Mary Jul 28, 2020 7:43 AM PDT

    Kanye, need to leave the Kardashian family because that family have built their whole empire with the money, and reputation of black men. Kanye, have stayed too long, and finally see that when the money runs out the Kardashian family want him gone for the next man with money. Get out Kanye, and that movie get out is describing what is happening to you. The Kardashian relationship is fraudulent.

  • Story
    Story Jul 28, 2020 7:01 AM PDT

    They need space to work on their marriage and its time to let the lord in for real Mr & Mrs West every one else step off you have nothing to give this couple except bad advice!

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