Eva Marcille Addresses Slavery, Legality And More Crucial Issues

Eva Marcille Addresses Slavery, Legality And More Crucial Issues
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Eva Marcille shared a message on her social media account that has fans talking in the comments. She's addressing some really important issues as you will see below.

Someone said: 'While I love this post we should not hate the people who lived in those times and destroying history we and our children and family need to look back and see into the future how we can do better people back then we’re victims of times.'

A follower asked: 'what history are u referring to-confederate statues?' and the person responded with: 'I’m referring to history in general not just statues people need to know we’re things once wore so we can move on and be better and teach our kids a new way to treat others with kindness and respect.'

One other commenter wrote: 'but what other then statues are being removed? All history is the same unless some were corrected or hidden & now revealed...our children don't need to see statues of former slave owners being celebrated!'

Someone else wrote: 'victims of the times?" Wow. Stay in school kids.'

A person said: 'Exactly why this just-us system needs to be heavily reviewed.'

An excited fan posted this message for Eva: 'keep using your platform to spread knowledge and positivity ✨. WE LOVE TO SEE IT,' and a follower said: 'Say it louder for the oppressors in the back 🗣'

Someone else posted this: 'Real talk. We are still on the fight for fairness and just leave us black alone we do not need the others. Opposite to blacks.'

In other news, Eva shared a new photo featuring her son Maverick that had fans smiling in the comments. You should check out the photo that she shared on her IG account.


Eva shared a  video featuring her sweet daughter, Marley Rae as well and fans loved it.

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