Phaedra Parks Has A Few Words For Haters - Fans Want Her Back On RHOA

Phaedra Parks Has A Few Words For Haters - Fans Want Her Back On RHOA
Credit: BET

Phaedra Parks considered that it's time to send her haters a message, so she did so on her social media account. Check out the message that she shared below.

'Silent #success kills a loud #hater .....shut up and get to work- actions speak louder than words 🤑' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'Lmaooo I read this in your voice when you said: “shut up and beat it!” Season 5 I believe (I’m introducing my wife to RHOA and we can’t get enough of your scenes 💜)'

A follower said: 'That is so true Move in silence I reinvent myself every day so by the time they try to copy that was yesterday’s news last week gossip.'

Someone else posted this: 'Exactly cause ur baby daddy is a bitter one smh @phaedraparks, and his chick ain’t got nothing on u lol.'

A fan told Phaedra that she should get back on the RHOA series, and more people agreed: 'Come back to our televisions @phaedraparks! God bless you and your children!'

Another Instagrammer posted this: 'I truly don’t understand why I can’t see you on the big screen,' while someone else said: 'Amen! When you move in silence, they don't know what to attack! 💯'

Someone else posted: 'Looking gorgeous! Killin the haters and simply stunning to your admirers 😘 keep doing you! Stay classy #phaedraparks.'

Another follower gushed over Phaedra and said: 'Phae phae you are beautiful. Can you please come back to RHOA we are bored stiff.'

Just a few days ago, Phaedra gushed over her BFFs, who are her riders, and she shared a few pics with the ladies on her social media account.

Fans praised them in the comments, and some people said that, in some of the pics that she decided to post, Phaedra is twinning with her son Dylan .


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