Peter Thomas Announces He Is Leaving 'RHOA' After Nine Years -- Will He Be Getting His Own Show?

Peter Thomas Announces He Is Leaving 'RHOA' After Nine Years -- Will He Be Getting His Own Show?
Credit: Source: Real Mr. Housewife

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' is obviously known for its iconic peach-holding cast members. However, the show wouldn't be the same without the stars' love interests.

Sadly, fans of the show will have to say goodbye to Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband, Peter Thomas because the Bar One owner just announced that this would be the last season that he would appear on the series.

In an Instagram post, Thomas stated: "This is my last season being on RHOA for 9 season, it’s time for some NEW shit, made a NEW deal today, thank you bravo for putting a brother on the map, thank you CB and all the cast & crew, ❤️ y’all @thecarlosking_@bravoandy @neneleakes @kandi@porsha4real @thekenyamoore @todd167@kslash10 and Mr Leakes #queencity#charlotte #miamibeach #southbeach."

Judging by the caption, the lounge owner may be teasing that he has his own show up his sleeves. It was rumored once that Peter had been filming a show that follows his life as a boss to employees at his Carolina bar.

It hasn't been confirmed but the option isn't totally ruled out.

Peter was both loved and hated by viewers while he was on 'RHOA.' Some felt that he was a great fit due to his ability to give the male perspective of what was going on between the housewives while others thought that he was way too involved.

After a 'RHOA' fan page posted the news, commentators chimed in on what they thought of Peter's announcement.

"She has moved on and he should have been released from the show a while ago"

"Awe he never got his peach 🍑 nene tried to get him one"

"U should’ve been left after you and Cynthia divorced...u weren’t that important anyway 😂😂"

Thomas was also called out for not tagging Cynthia Bailey, who is the reason he was even featured on the Bravo hit in the first place.

Will you miss seeing Peter? Do you think he will get his own reality show?


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