Pete Davidson Says That Louis CK Tried To Get Him Fired From Saturday Night Live

Pete Davidson Says That Louis CK Tried To Get Him Fired From Saturday Night Live
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During a performance on New Year's Eve at Boston's Chevalier Theatre on Monday, Pete was more than candid regarding his history with fellow stand-up comedian, Louis CK, who was recently embroiled in a brutal scandal in which he allegedly masturbated in front of several women, and sexually harassed others.

Us Weekly reported that Pete spoke frankly on his breakup with singer-songwriter, Ariana Grande, and also fired shots at comedian Louis CK, who took heat from the mainstream media recently when he joked about Parkland survivors.

The 25-year-old SNL alum, who donned a green coat, a baseball hat, and dark-colored jogging pants, spoke with the audience about his recent tattoos like his Harry Potter tattoo.

Moreover, he got a tattoo of Gene Wilder, who portrayed the original Willy Wonka back in 1971. In reference to both Rickman and Wilder, Mr. Davidson joked that he believed everyone who he got a tattoo of would pass away.

Davidson asked the audience, "so, I've been thinking about getting a tattoo of Louis CK, what do you guys think?" The people in the crowd laughed in return before the star went on to accuse Louis of a number of different things.

As it was previously reported, the 51-year-old star of Louie was accused of misconduct by a number of different women last year. Moreover, he mocked the victims of the Parkland school shooting which sparked a backlash from people in the media.

According to Davidson, Louis said to SNL  producers in front of him on the night he hosted SNL for the fourth time that all he ever does is "smoke weed" and he was going to ruin his own career anyway.

Furthermore, Davidson claimed that the actor accused Pete of smoking so much pot that it made others uncomfortable. The punchline of the joke was when Pete said it would only be five years later when reports came out claiming Louis locked doors and "jerk(ed) off in front of people."

Later on, in November of 2017, Louis said sorry for his behavior. It appears Pete has learned to have fun again, following his insinuation that he was close to committing suicide following a litany of social media abuse for splitting with Ariana.


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