Kevin Spacey Ordered To Appear At Arraignment By The Overseeing Judge

Kevin Spacey Ordered To Appear At Arraignment By The Overseeing Judge
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A decision was made yesterday in Massachusetts that Mr. Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual assault and misconduct in 2017 and in 2018, would have to appear in court at his arraignment next week due to allegations of assault.

According to a report from, Kevin and his lawyers had previously requested a postponement, but it wasn't revealed why he wanted to get out of it. However, it was later revealed that the Academy Award-winner didn't want publicity to influence the outcome of the case.

In Spacey's affidavit, he asked the court to "excuse" his physical presence due to the fear of negative publicity. Kevin said his "presence (would) amplify the negative publicity," which has already been created by months of media reporting.

In the court papers, it was revealed that Kevin would be pleading not guilty to Monday's charges. Just last month, prosecutors stated they would charge Kevin Spacey with felony indecent assault as well as battery due to an incident in a Nantucket bar two years ago in July.

Coincidentally, that very same day, Kevin posted a video on YouTube in which he portrayed his House Of Cards character, Frank Underwood. As the president of the United States from the Southern US, Kevin talked about his allegations at length.

Furthermore, Spacey used the situation to both criticize the way House Of Cards writers chose to end the series, as well as defend himself against the personal allegations.

As it was previously reported, Kevin Spacey's trouble began in 2017 in the midst of the #MeToo movement, when Anthony Rapp, formerly of Star Trek , accused the American Beauty  alum of attempting to have sex with him at a party when he was just 14-years-old.

To make matters worse, Kevin was 26 at the time. Later on, a plethora of allegations came out against Spacey, including insinuations of bullying, harassment, and abuse on the set of House Of Cards.

Kevin's fall from Hollywood was precipitous, with his latest YouTube video being his first appearence in just over a year. Rapp's allegations came around the same time as those against Harvey Weinstein, October 2017.

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