Alonzo Bodden Praises Tiffany Haddish Following Her Botched NYE's Performance

Alonzo Bodden Praises Tiffany Haddish Following Her Botched NYE's Performance
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This past New Year's Eve, Tiffany Haddish didn't have the greatest performance and her fans on Twitter let her know that. However, one person who addressed the controversy was Alonzo Bodden, and he said she did fairly well despite what some of her biggest haters claimed.

From one comedian to the next, Alonzo said Tiffany handled the situation much better than most. Bodden, who won the third season of Last Comic Standing, spoke with reporters from TMZ on Tuesday and had nothing but positive things to say about Tiffany and her show in Miami, Florida last night.

Mr. Alonzo, noting that she bombed, said it was actually quite wise to instead crack open a bottle of Ciroc and start making a party of the situation, rather than continue trying to make jokes.

According to the longtime comedian, every comic does terribly every once in a while. It's all apart of the art. And considering her circumstances, Haddish performed exceptionally well at maneuvering herself out of that position.

Check out the video below to see what Alonzo had to say about Tiffany's New Years Eve performance:

As it was previously reported, many people were walking out of Tiffany's set in the middle of her performance. Later on, there's no question that some of these same people were the ones to take to Twitter to tell the world.

In response, Haddish admitted she failed on stage that night, and vowed to never let a situation like that happen ever again. Reportedly, Tiffany was exhausted from partying all night before.

Perhaps, Haddish will take this as a learning opportunity and become an even better comedian in the future. One person who probably wouldn't like that is Katt Williams, who has vociferously criticized Haddish in the past, accusing her of being unfunny and talentless.

Williams said Tiffany only found success due to "sleeping with white men." Kevin Hart, who co-starred with her in Night School, later came to her defense on The Breakfast Club.  Tiffany addressed his comments later on Twitter, saying that she looked forward to meeting him at the Emmy Awards.

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