Rasheeda Frost Reportedly Hiring Jasmine Washington As A Surrogate To Have A Baby With Kirk

Rasheeda Frost Reportedly Hiring Jasmine Washington As A Surrogate To Have A Baby With Kirk
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Could it be that Rasheeda Frost is going to have another baby with Kirk Frost via a well-known surrogate?

If the latest rumors are true; Rasheeda has been inspired by Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker who have called on a surrogate or even two to carry their babies due in late 2019.

A new report has surfaced claiming that Rasheeda who is already mom to two boys -- Ky and Karter -- has agreed to have Jasmine Washington carry her third child.

According to AceShowbiz , Jasmine, who helped destroyed Rasheeda's marriage after she had an affair with Kirk, will become the couple's surrogate.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars are said to be working with Kirk's former side chick and baby mama to have a third child.

Kirk and Jasmine have a two-year-old son (love child) together named Kannon Washington. It took Kirk almost a year to have a DNA test done and finally acknowledge that he is the father of the baby boy.

It is being claimed that if Jasmine does accept to be Rasheeda's surrogate, the entire thing will be chronicled on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta .

A producer of the VH1 show allegedly said it was the Frosts' idea and added: "We didn't script this, it was Rasheeda and Kirk's idea to ask Jasmine. It's the craziest thing I ever heard."

In a recent interview, Rasheeda spoke about appearing on the series with the woman who slept with her husband: "I [sometimes] feel like, 'y'all going to drain the s**t out of me.' Somethings you just wish never manifested. I'm like, 'Let me live.' But you have to be realistic because this is a television show based on things people want to know and what's going on and that's what [my] life is [right now]."

She went on to explain: "We have a lot of things that we have to deal with regardless of our relationship status. If we're getting along or not getting along, cool or not cool, there are still things that we have to deal with as parents, and as business partners."

She concluded by: "I definitely would say that him losing his mom definitely brought us [closer]. We put a lot of things to the side and put our kids and this situation to the forefront. I wanted to be a shoulder for him because regardless of what we're going through I definitely would want 100 percent support from everybody around me. So, I just feel like you know it is important for me to be there for him."

Rasheeda is a surprising woman.

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