Pauley Perrette Is Now Defending Kelly Clarkson For This Reason As Some 'NCIS' Fans Claim Mark Harmon Used To Shade Her In Past Interviews

Pauley Perrette Is Now Defending Kelly Clarkson For This Reason As Some 'NCIS' Fans Claim Mark Harmon Used To Shade Her In Past Interviews
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Pauley Perrette is known for defending other people, after stepping up to go against Mark Harmon to help a crew member -- the former NCIS star is now helping Kelly Clarkson.

The American Idol champion, who now has a new talk show, was criticized for talking too fast, and Perrette decided to show support by tweeting: “Hey [Kelly Clarkson], babe, whenever people accuse me of talking too fast? I say, ‘maybe others just listen too slow?” Love you babe!”

Even though Harmon and Perrette are not arguing in public anymore, and both seem to be moving on with their lives and careers at this point, it does not seem like Perrette’s fans have forgotten the controversial situation that led to her departure from the iconic “NCIS.”

At this point, many are still angry with Harmon over his behavior, and the actor seems to have drawn a lot of negative attention to himself.

A past statement by Harmon resulted in similar responses, as many fans accused him of trying to embarrass his former co-star over the accusations she made against him.

Harmon was talking about the introduction of Maria Bello to the show’s cast, explaining that he very much enjoyed working with her, and noting that everything “comes at you with a different spin on it.”

He finished his statement by pointing out that Bello visibly enjoyed her presence on the set, something which many of his followers saw as a snub towards Perrette.

He said at the time: “It’s so enjoyable working with her because everything comes at you with a different spin on it. And on top of all of it, she really wants to be there. How about that? It doesn’t work if you don’t want to be there, and she wants to be there a lot, and that’s been a huge thing for this crew and this team. “It’s a shot in the arm for everybody.”

For what it is worth, it does not seem like Perrette herself is all too affected by the situation.

She has managed to move on with her life and career quite successfully after the whole fiasco with Harmon and NCIS and has been engaging her fans on social media very actively after that.

And while it does seem like the production lost a few fans over the incident, it has also been moving forward rather well, with or without the involvement of one of its most iconic actors and bringing in huge ratings.

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  • Grandpa 1
    Grandpa 1 Oct 13, 2019 7:05 PM PDT

    Carolyn; I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t seen any stories backing up Perrette’s claims. I applaud Mr Harmon for taking the high road. I also hope Ms Perrette gets some mental help for her sake!

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Oct 12, 2019 9:48 PM PDT

    I iked NCIS character Abby.....but if one has an issue with someone be clear about what actually not make it a mystery or make it sound like it was a physical assault unless it was. You may have just been ignored which hurt your feelings or someone bumped you or refused to make a situation worse than it was. If it was that bad file a police report......if not then do not make a mountain out of mole hill. Mark H. has said little or nothing because he either did nothing or the incident was so minor as not to get into a he said/she said debate. It maybe that she wants attention as a means to promote her new show. But if one does not actually know what really happened then negative comments should is wrong to get mad if one does not have real facts.

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