Pauley Perrette, Former 'NCIS' Star Warns Fans About This

Pauley Perrette, Former 'NCIS' Star Warns Fans About This
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Pauley Perrette has been very active on social media since her dramatic departure from NCIS and Mark Harmon drama.

Many of her supporters, who follow her career and are aware of her feelings about the scandal, expected she would hunker down and avoid all contact with her followers to focus on her well-being.

And while she has been enjoying a lot of positive attention and has been doing a good job engaging her fans and talking about the various issues in her life, she has recently sent out a word of warning to all her followers.

According to Perrette, there has been a wave of fake social media contacts impersonating her lately, and she has urged people to be careful about who they talk to and what kinds of information they are sharing.

She wrote: "Some of the accounts seem harmless enough, judging by their description – while others have reportedly tried to get in touch with some of Perrette's followers, and lure them into revealing details about themselves."

She added: "The below pics are TOTALLY FAKE @instagram ACCOUNTS! I am sure they’re following me here because they are stealing my pics. CEASE AND DESIST! (Please report them)This @twitter account @PauleyP is my ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA."

The actress revealed: "Was told AGAIN today that there are MANY MANY fake accounts impersonating me on."

One fan had this reaction: "It's Awfull Pauley That There Are Still Many Fake Accounts...People Still Impersonating You...By The Way Pauley... Are You On Hangouts...? As If You Are...I've Been Talking To You...! 👋💞"

Another social media user shared: How could anyone try and pretend they are you. You're truly unique and could never be impersonated. If I see them, I will report it. And you just keep on being the one of a kind amazing do it so well."

This is far from the first time a celebrity has been targeted by impersonators on social media, but Perrette has managed to get on top of the situation before it has spun out of control, and she seems to know how to approach something like this better than most other celebrities have shown in the past.

The actress has urged her fans to be extra careful in communicating with accounts claiming to belong to her and to double-check everything that they read on those profiles to ensure that they are not being misled.

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