Paris Hilton Discusses Her Upcoming Film As Well As Plans To Start A Family And More In New Interview!

Paris Hilton Discusses Her Upcoming Film As Well As Plans To Start A Family And More In New Interview!

Fans of Paris Hilton are well aware that the heiress is getting ready to release her YouTube documentary, This Is Paris. That being said, during an interview for ET, she revealed what she has in store and it sounds like she’s going to be as candid as possible.

Her interview was quite candid as well, Paris opening up about her plans for marriage, starting a family and even past trauma and abuse!

She tells the news outlet that ‘I think people are going to be very surprised when they see the film and sides to me that they have never seen before. It's going to be really shocking to people and I think it's also going to have people understand me quite a lot more, and understand why I built this character to protect myself.’

Indeed, the OG influencer has suggested before, and now once again in the trailer for her documentary, that her infamous spoiled personality was all a construct she built as a defense mechanism to protect her from childhood trauma from back when she was sent to Provo Canyon School.

The place was both a school and a camp of sorts and according to Paris, the kids were severely abused, and she was no exception.

‘It actually was not supposed to be the original premise of this film. I wanted to show to the world the businesswoman that I am and the empire that I built, and that ended up coming out naturally because I felt really comfortable with the director,’ she went on to tell the site about the documentary’s topic being so personal.

In fact, it’s so raw and candid that her parents don’t even know the whole story of what went through in there but which she revealed in the film.

They are apparently planning on watching the film with her and will be finding out about a lot of the horrors she went through at Provo Canyon School from it for the first time.

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