Ozzy Osbourne Rushed To The Hospital

Ozzy Osbourne Rushed To The Hospital
Credit: Source: billboard.com

It looks like Ozzy Osbourne was rushed to the hospital and his wife, Sharon, and son, Jack were right there by his side during the health crisis. Is the star Okay?

The Blast reported via some insiders that the 70-year-old man was admitted to the Keck Hospital of USC a couple of days ago.

It turns out that the legend of metal rock caught a terrible case of the flu and his wife and son rushed to the hospital to be by his side with ‘security in tow.’

The news outlet also reported that Sharon left the hospital and soon returned with a blanket and a suitcase, meaning that she was not planning on leaving her husband’s side anytime soon.

Later on, as you may know by now, Sharon skipped the shoot for The Talk and also released a statement on Twitter about Ozzy’s health and hospitalization.

‘As some of you may've heard, Ozzy was admitted to hospital after some complications from the flu. His doctors feel like this is the best way to get him on a quicker road to recovery. Thank you, everyone, for the concern and love,’ Sharon tweeted.

The man’s fans were pretty worried since the hospitalization came after he announced the postponing of his tour’s European leg with Judas Priest due to health problems.

Ozzy informed his loyal followers via The Blast, that ‘I’m completely devastated about having to postpone the European leg of the tour. It seems that since October everything that I touched turned to s**t. First [it was] the staph infection in my thumb and now [I am] coming down with the flu and bronchitis. I want to apologize to my fans who have been so loyal over the years, to my band, my crew and Judas Priest for letting you all down.’

He went on to promise that the tour will be completed at a later time.


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