Offset Votes For The First Time In His Life And Encourages Everyone To Do The Same - Check Out The Video

Offset Votes For The First Time In His Life And Encourages Everyone To Do The Same - Check Out The Video
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The rapper admitted that he voted for the very first time and encouraged everyone out there to do the same. After all, it seems to be one of the few efficient methods of bringing about positive change which is very important, now perhaps more than ever!

Amid the Black Lives Matter protests happening in all 50 states of America as well as all over the world, many celebrities have been reminding fans that voting is crucial so they should all register to do it, especially when it comes to voting for a new president in the fall.

That being said, Offset is the latest celebrity to promote the constitutional right.

The Migos rapper admitted that, at age 28 he just cast his first ballot and was quick to share with the world just how proud he felt about that.

He even promised to never skip another voting season ever, be it at the local, state or national level.

On June 9, Cardi B’s husband voted in the Georgia primary and shared the experience with his supporters.

He made sure to thank the site When We All Vote for the help he received with getting registered and checking to make sure that he was even allowed to, due to past convictions.

‘I didn’t even know I could vote but now that I know I can I am doing my part. Everybody need to do their part,’ he tweeted.

And that was not all he did to promote voting amongst his followers.

Right after voting, he also shared a video on Instagram in which he told fans: ‘Yessir, I feel good. feel proud. I am trying to make a difference so I came out for my state of Georgia. Come and hit the polls up. Everybody's been going through the same pain. We can make a change. I just voted, my first time, 28-years-old. I got past my record and my history, and I am able to vote.’

In the caption, he reiterated the same idea and encouraged people to go vote as well.

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