Ludacris Says That The NFL Should Apologize To Colin Kaepernick

Ludacris Says That The NFL Should Apologize To Colin Kaepernick
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During Ludacris' appearence on CNN today, Chris Bridges, also known as Ludacris, shot down recent comments from Larry Kudlow in which the Trump adviser said that "systemic racism" didn't exist in the United States of America.

Crooks and Liars reported on Ludacris' appearence today in which he said that he didn't care about all of the Americans who agree with Larry Kudlow. He said it was the "most ludicrous thing I've ever heard." Chris Bridges went on to say that he feels as though the president and his administration are causing so much "dissension" in the world.

Ludacris also touched on the comments from one lawyer of the police officers who stood by as George Floyd was killed. Kudlow supposedly blamed by-standers for not doing something about George Floyd in the moments leading up to his death.

Ludacris says that they're just trying to make excuses for what happened to George. The rapper went on to say that he's trying to preach "love" rather than "hate," and if we all do that at the end of the day, the world will become a better place.

Brianna Keilar then asked Ludacris what he thought of the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell's apology regarding their handling of complaints from players about institutionalized racism. Ludacris said he "loved that" because it was a great start for the NFL.

Ludacris went on to say that Roger and the rest of the NFL should formally apologize to Colin Kaepernick because he has been peacefully protesting for the longest time. According to Keiler, Kaepernick kneeled for the flag after he was told by a former Green Beret that it was the most respectful way one could honor.

Not only was it a way to acknowledge the death of black Americans at the hands of police, but it was also a way of showing respect to the country and its flag. Of course, Ludacris is referring to the Colin Kaepernick controversy in which he kneeled for the flag in protest of police brutality.

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