'Ocean's 8' Actress Shades Rihanna While Praising Brad Pitt For Surprising Reason

'Ocean's 8' Actress Shades Rihanna While Praising Brad Pitt For Surprising Reason
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While the release of Ocean’s 8 is well behind us now and the various people involved in the production have moved on to other things, the public keeps hearing some exciting reports from the film’s set, some of which have painted individual cast members in a rather humorous and odd light.

Just recently, Helena Bonham Carter came out with a peculiar statement about Rihanna, claiming that she had constant trouble understanding her co-star during the filming of the famous movie, to the point where she felt a bit frustrated.

Carter explained: “She’s amazing, she’s a goddess. She looks extraordinary. I could never understand what she said, though. We speak different languages. But I love her, and she’s amazing to look at — really good actress too, and then she’s a great designer.”

It is important to note that the comment was made in a humorous tone, and the context was that Carter was praising Rihanna for her performance on the film, exclaiming how impressed she was by the work of her colleague.

However, a few fans were not thrilled by the remark and saw it as a shade. This seems to have calmed down some fans who were initially ticked off by the way the statement was made.

Some are still suggesting that the claim was made in such a way only to provoke these kinds of responses in the first place, but it is hard to tell whether this is the case.

Carter does not generally have a reputation for trying to troll her followers, and she has actually managed to maintain quite a good relationship with most of her fans through the years, so it would be strange if she was doing something along those lines.

Still, one never knows what might be going on behind the scenes in reality. She went on to praise Brad Pitt by saying: “He looks like if he swallowed the sun. He’s just such a good thing on the exterior and the interior. There’s no tea to spill.”

Carter also had a few comments about her Harry Potter co-star, Daniel Radcliffe: “He’s got nice manners, too. He loves poems, and he writes them. He also quotes poems. He’s really handy because I like my tea and my coffee and my Diet Coke and things, and he’d hold them all for me. So he was really helpful.”

Carter seems to have a lot of stories.

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