NLE Choppa Drops Song On YouTube Only For It To Be Removed For A Specific Reason

NLE Choppa Drops Song On YouTube Only For It To Be Removed For A Specific Reason
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A new report from Hot New Hip Hop this week claims that the rapper, NLE Choppa , dropped a new song on YouTube, however, the company removed it due to an ensuring controversy over the content of the track.

Fans of the rapper know he has recently changed his philosophy, opting for, instead, a spiritual ethos rather than the traditional gangster one that most hip-hop artists use. The performing artist has been touching on a number of controversial topics, including things like vaccines, conspiracies, and other "new age"-esque subjects.

However, when the artist dropped a new single and accompanying video on YouTube, "Paradise," the streaming platform had it removed. The rapper claimed he released a song on the 24th of November but YouTube had already taken it down in just a few hours.

The rapper says they "straight deleted" him because they knew the message he had was "too powerful." He also shared a screenshot showing that YouTube had removed the video from their server.

The YouTuber argued that this wouldn't be the first time something similar has happened to him. For instance, he argued that they have been blackballing him through "spam dislikes" which stop him from trending and other tactics.

He says they "hate a smart melanin king" and it's obvious to everyone. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the rapper's new song features lyrics about not wearing masks, the idea that the coronavirus isn't real, as well as the significance of perception which is ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

As most know, YouTube has a policy against spreading misinformation, especially when it's related to the coronavirus, the pandemic, and the guidelines surrounding it. Fans of NLE Choppa know the content of his lyrics has changed a lot in recent months.


Initially, Choppa was the type of rapper who talked about guns, violence, drugs, etc, but now he has moved toward other more global topics. Choppa even recommended his fans to "put their Travis Scott hamburgers" down because he argues they're not good for people. He claimed they had a negative impact on one's mind.

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