NLE Choppa Accuses Record Label Of Being Complicit In The Substance Abuse Issues Of Rapper Dex

NLE Choppa Accuses Record Label Of Being Complicit In The Substance Abuse Issues Of Rapper Dex
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Hot New Hip Hop said today that NLE Choppa , who claims to have become enlightened, has been all over the headlines over the last few weeks for his controversial take on politics, vaccines, world government, and other global subjects.

However, the rapper has come out to say that he has been blackballed by certain people in the music industry. In fact, the rapper was already in the headlines earlier in the week when he said that YouTube had taken down one of his music videos.

Those who are familiar with YouTube's terms and conditions know they have a strict policy against those who have spoken about the coronavirus, especially those who say the virus isn't real, or who express other supposed misinformation about it.

Either way, the rapper has found himself in the entertainment news circuit once again after he came forward to claim that Dex's record label was complicit in his drug addiction. Put simply, Choppa says the business did nothing but stand idle as Dex suffered, suggesting it was their personal responsibility to help their artists.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Famous Dex's problems with drugs have been all over the headlines, and everyone knows about them. Even though they have played a crucial role in his music, many have expressed their concerns for his wellbeing, with NLE Choppa being the most recent.

Choppa took to his social media this week to call out 300 Entertainment, Dex's label, for allegedly doing nothing about the rapper's struggles with addiction. Choppa wrote on his account that he didn't like to get in other people's business, but the least they could do was get involved and try and help him in some way.

Choppa says they could get someone who would uplift his spirits or encourage him to do better for himself. As most know, the issue of mental health and substance abuse has been a lot more salient among industry insiders over the last few months.


A big part of the discussion was sparked by the deaths of some of the biggest rappers in the game over the last couple of years, including Mac Miller, Lil' Peep, Juice WRLD , and more.

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