NLE Choppa Says The Vaccine Will Replace RNA In Human DNA With Tracing Technology

NLE Choppa Says The Vaccine Will Replace RNA In Human DNA With Tracing Technology
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Fans of NLE Choppa have witnessed a massive transformation in ideology and disposition over the last year and a half. Hip-hop fans know NLE Choppa has turned a new leaf, so to speak, opting for instead a clean lifestyle consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, presence, spirituality, and a life away from violence and drugs.

Choppa has fired shots at a number of organizations and enterprises in the last few months, including businesses like McDonald's, Burger King, and others.

Additionally, the performing artist touched on vaccines and the conspiracy theory that all of the USA presidents are decided upon forty years in advance . Choppa has also said that he was witnessing the forming of a "new earth."

Where the rapper has sparked the most controversy, however, is in the vaccine department. Hot New Hip Hop says Choppa is now trying to convince his fans to take on an anti-vaccine stance because he believes they cause more problems than they solve.

In fact, the rapper has stated that the vaccines are sinister in purpose. In response to a tweet from Lil' Uzi Vert, NLE Choppa explained that vaccines were created by Bill Gates, and they'll alter the DNA with an RNA Coding that replaces parts of the human DNA.

The idea behind doing this is to install machinery to allow corporations to control human beings. Moreover, NLE Choppa says the vaccines will make it so that people have to cooperate with the "New World Order." The rapper went on to touch on other topics like drugs, meat consumption, and awakening.

It's not clear what's going to happen with NLE Choppa, but it's clear his statements have been stirring controversy. Earlier this year, the rapper was in the headlines again when he urged his fans not to eat at McDonald's.


This all came right at the same time as the announcement that McDonald's and Travis Scott were going to start working together on a new project. Scott and McDonalds released a hamburger and fries meal along with merchandise, including a $90 chicken mcnugget pillow.

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