Nipsey Hussle's Grandmother Addresses His Passing And Has A Message For Today's Youth

Nipsey Hussle's Grandmother Addresses His Passing And Has A Message For Today's Youth
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Almost a week passed since Nipsey Hussle has been fatally shot in front of his store and people are not at peace at all until justice is made. A lot of people came forward and talked about the late rapper.

Various celebrities, collaborators, associates, friends, family, and the love of his life, Lauren London had a few words to say.

People have been really worried especially for Lauren after she said that she is completely lost with Nip.

It was recently reported that  Nipsey’s brother, Samiel Asghedom, spoke in an emotional phone interview  during which he made sure to detail the admiration for Nip.

The Shade Room has also recently shared a video which shows Nipsey’s business partner talking about him.

He said that Nipsey was a man who was trying to save others' lives and he was reportedly trying to do the very same thing for the man who eventually killed him out of envy and jealousy.

Now, Nip's grandmother also comes out and speaks about him, as The Shade Room reports.

TSr writes that 'in her first interview since his passing, Nipsey's grandmother, Margaret Boutte, told @cbsla that despite the hurt she feels, she has found peace in the support from the Los Angeles community.'

'I never knew there was so much love like I love him,' she reportedly said. She continued and said 'So that's uplifting that so many people loved and understood him.'

Boutte also expressed that Nipsey's legacy and impact on the youth are the things she feels are the most important, and she hopes young people will learn something from all of this and from how Nipsey used to be.

Someone commented 'A grandmother shouldn’t have to bury her grandchild.'

Another follower wrote this in the comments section: 'Some of us get the message grandma 👵🏽 now we gotta pray for the rest to get on board‼️'

Someone else said 'I didn’t even wanna read what she had to say. It made me sad all over again 😞 my heart breaks for her.'

One other person wrote that 'We need to stop trying to bring each other down 🤦‍♂️ and killing ain’t the answer to the problem man.'

Stay tuned for more news on the case.

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