Nipsey Hussle News: The Late Rapper Was At His Store Before The Shooting For A Heartbreaking Reason - Fans Want His Funeral Televised

Nipsey Hussle News: The Late Rapper Was At His Store Before The Shooting For A Heartbreaking Reason - Fans Want His Funeral Televised
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Everyone loved Nipsey Hussle, and his death marked the whole community beyond words. He was a great man who was famous for his generosity, a feature which is less common these days.

The Shade Room reported the reason for which Nipsey was reportedly hanging out at his store before he was murdered and it's heartbreaking.

TSR writes that his 'generosity was no secret to the people of LA nor his fans, so it’s not surprising that at the time of his untimely and tragic death, he was in the middle of doing something positive.'

It seems that TMZ reported that he was at his Marathon Clothing store on Sunday afternoon because 'he was taking care of a friend who had just gotten out of jail after serving a 20-year bid.'

The late rapper really wanted to gift his friend with some cool new clothes so that he would look good before meeting up with his loved one during the same day.

The Shade Room continued and reported that 'Nipsey reportedly didn’t notify his team nor his primary security guard that he would be going to his store solo because it was a spur of the moment thing.'

Someone commented 'Wow, no words!!! People have no respect for human life. May God cover his loved ones 🙏🏽'

Another follower said 'Damn imagine being the friend knowing he was only there because of you. I’d be sick.'

A person believes that 'Sometimes you just have to leave the hood and never look back because it’s always jealous or fake friends that are waiting to take you out and the sad part is it be our own people doing it.🙏🏽'

Someone else posted that 'His funeral needs to be televised like MJ’s & Whitney’s. His death truly broke my heart. Speechless beyond words.'

Another sad fan posted that 'this is a never-ending horror movie at this point. I feel like everyone including myself wants to believe the conspiracy theories more than just the “angry random guy that he knew” story because at least then we know it wasn’t just a few changes of words that could have changed everything. I can’t listen to Nipsey music without feeling empty. He should have won Best Rap Album 2019 at the Grammys. #RIP #VictoryLap #KeepStreaming.'

The whole community is weeping these days, and one example is rapper T.I.

He is known to be a really emotional man and he finally decided to let out all of it on social media via his latest message that he had for his fans and followers.

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  • Roxy
    Roxy Apr 4, 2019 5:50 AM PDT

    Your article is a little naive. Everyonet loved Nipsy. Apparently not. A man doesn't just get shot for no reason someone had ax to grind. When will this violence stop. Prayers to this young man's family. So sad stop the violence.

    • Alexis Stone
      Alexis Stone Apr 4, 2019 10:02 AM PDT

      Yes, you are completely right. It was just a way to put it, for the sake of his memory and loved ones. It's more than obvious that the killer did not love Nipsey. But a lot of people did.

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