T.I.'s Desperate And Intense Message Moves His Fans To Tears Following Nipsey Hussle's Death: 'Why Him And Not Me?'

T.I.'s Desperate And Intense Message Moves His Fans To Tears Following Nipsey Hussle's Death: 'Why Him And Not Me?'
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T.I. is a really emotional man when it comes to his loved ones and his community. Whoever knows him, also knows just how devastated he was after the tragic passing of his dear sister, Precious Harris.

He was in extreme pain even of some people failed to see this and condemned him for partying after her death.

They did not understand the fact that he was only doing what Precious would have wanted him and the family to do.

Now, he's in pain all over again, and he finally decided to let out all of it on social media via his latest message that he had for his fans and followers.

'Been waiting on wisdom, peace,& understanding about this whole situation, because I’m the same thing on Bankhead as he is to Crenshaw & odds are I’d handle myself the same exact way in that situation. WHY HIM AND NOT ME?!?! What have I done so right that kept me here and removed him from his loved ones and extinguished his future? If GOD really wants US to fight on the front lines for the liberation of our own people then how is something like this supposed to contribute? Why do we now (&always) have to do it without one of our strongest soldiers alongside US?!?!' Tip began his deep and emotional message.

He continued and asked 'How do we look at his wife, children,& parents in the eyes when WE ALL KNOW WE FAILED HIM!!!! Our culture killed Nip... the very thing he fought for turned right around and snatched him away from US...'

Tip also asked fans the following: 'DONT LET MY PATNA DIE IN VAIN BY CONTINUING TO PERPETUATE THE SAME STUPIDITY!!! If you love Nip for real... READ A BOOK TODAY IN HIS HONOR!!!! Lil bro was one of the only niggas I ever met on this rap shit that gave me a book to read. To know better is to do better... STOP ACCEPTING THE BLISS OF IGNORANCE & Learn your way out your situation like HE DID!!!! Woke up with this s*it on my heart. WE ALL MISS YOU LIL BRO!!! Wish I could’ve done more. Now I question if it’s even worth trying. Woke up feeling like 🖕🏽🌏🤷🏽‍♂️💔'

You can read the complete message on his caption above.

His fans were left in tears and they searched for words to console him.

Someone told Tip '@troubleman31 I keep crying especially after the fun we had with Dave Chappelle in August. Bro, you gave him his roses while he was living. I saw that! The amount of respect you gave him when we were backstage was beautiful. Real Kingz see Real Kingz!! We gotta continue keeping his legacy alive'

Another person said 'You can spearhead that change King Tip. We gotta support and protect you and each one of our fearless leaders who has not left the frontline. You are Him, the one with the power, wisdom and hear to lead our people. 🚫🧢💯 #RIPKingNip.'

A supporter told Tip: 'I felt that in the depth of my souls. May his life and the things he did for our community and culture... not be in vain. This is supposed to be a wake-up call. God said, “job well done” and called him HOME!!! 💗'

The whole community is crying after this horrible tragedy that took such a great man away from his soul mate, family, and loved ones.

May God bless his soul and let's continue to pray for Lauren London and Nipsey's family and friends.

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