Nikki Bella Shares How Quarantine Is Leading Her To A Possible Meltdown

Nikki Bella Shares How Quarantine Is Leading Her To A Possible Meltdown
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Everyone is going through a difficult time during this Coronavirus pandemic that is not nearing its end any time soon. The only people who may be more uneasy about things are the elderly, immunocompromised, and the pregnant.

Nikki Bella took to her podcast with Brie to explain that she was nearing a full mental breakdown due to everything piling up.

The only sense of normalcy, which has been going on daily walks, has been taken away from her because of the summer heat. If you didn't already know, sweltering heat and third trimester pregnancy is not a great combination.


The former WWE champion opened up to her audience when she explained: 'I’m not gonna lie, I literally almost had my first massive meltdown — breakdown, whatever you want to call it — a few days ago. I was like, ‘Brie [Bella], I’m literally about to lose it. I’m sick of being inside. I’m sick of not being a part of the world. I’m sick of being in the heat. I can’t even go on my walks, and I think that’s what’s made it worse. It sounds like such silly things that you can’t do, but it is crazy. Like, mentally, I am breaking.'

This was recorded before the twins took to Instagram to reveal that their mom has to remove a mass on her brain. Yesterday, they posted on social media to ask fans for their prayers.

'Today my mom goes in for brain surgery. They realized she doesn’t have Bells Palsey but a mass on her brain stem…..couldn’t sleep because I was praying all night. She’s a strong one and I know all her angels will be with her. #BellaArmy send Mama Bella all the prayers and love today.'

Luckily, mama Bella's surgery was a success and she is currently recovering.

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