Five Times Emily Ratajkowski Broke The Internet With Her Curves

Five Times Emily Ratajkowski Broke The Internet With Her Curves
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski has become a major player in the fashion industry with her company Inamorata Woman and she's proved that she is much more than a pretty face. With brains and beauty, Emily Ratajkowski is an outspoken feminist who uses her platform to fight for social justice. In addition to her intelligence and savvy business skills, Emily is a model and she's known for her flawless figure. Many times Emily advertises her Inamorata Woman swimsuit and clothing line by sharing risque photos of herself in the garments and when she does, she goes viral.

Here are five times that Emily Ratajkowski broke the Internet with her curves.

First, it's impossible to discuss Emily Ratajkowski showing off her figure and the impact she has had on others without mentioning her appearance in the Robin Thicke video "Blurred Lines". Not only did the video go viral for its musicality but also because of Emily!

Emily practically broke the Internet when she posted a video of herself wearing a yellow, one-piece bathing suit from Inamorata Woman. The video has more than 1.2 million plays and comments from adoring fans who praised the 29-year-old for her beauty.

Fans love Emily's one-piece bathing suits but when she wears a bikini and models them on her accounts, she always goes viral. Emily shared plenty of photos and videos during the Coronavirus lockdown where she let her fans know she missed visiting tropical destinations.

Emily Ratajkowski often shows her assets and is known to put on a cheeky display from time to time. Inamorata Woman's thong and string bikini styles seem to be the most popular and there's little wonder as to why.

Emily shocked her fans when she decided to show that her body was her own. She was tired of people accusing her of having breast implants and using plastic surgery to get her curves and she spoke out about it in one of her Instagram stories. Needless to say, Emily's photos went viral.

Are you a fan of Emily Ratajkowski's and Inamorata Woman? What do you think about Emily's photos?

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