Niall Horan Triple Hearts Selena Gomez After She Drops Her New Song As Fans Beg Them To Date!

Niall Horan Triple Hearts Selena Gomez After She Drops Her New Song As Fans Beg Them To Date!
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Niall Horan is totally teasing all those shippers who would want nothing more than to see him dating Selena Gomez. As you may know, a lot of fans have been begging the two singers to date and now, the former One Direction member gave them a little bit of hope by hearting her brand new song ‘Lose You To Love Me!’

In fact, he sent her not one buy three heart emojis and that was enough to get social media crying tears of joy.

Selena took to social media earlier today to share a post meant to promote her new hit single and she received love not only from her many followers but also from the fellow artist who either really liked the song or really likes the one singing it!

He dating rumors started after fans saw the two singers hanging out together and now, the former boy band star is only adding fuel to  that burning fire because fans have been heavily ’campaigning’ for them to start dating each other.

Previously, Niall gushed over Selena after he was asked about the dating rumors, saying that Sel is an ‘absolute sweetheart.’

As for the reactions he got to those simple emojis, here are a few comments about it: ‘NIALL IN SELENA’S COMMENTS I LOVE MY CHILDREN SO MUCH 😭❤️. #LoseYouToLoveMe. ‘ / ‘Can the next chapter be Niall and Sel?!’ / ‘I was waiting for this!’ / ‘Get her, Niall!’

Niall and Selena have been nothing else but friends but people can’t wait to see them romantically involved.

That being said, at this point in time, a romantic relationship between the two is just speculative. Do you also think they would be perfect for each other and a  great power couple or not?

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  • Lala
    Lala Oct 25, 2019 9:16 AM PDT

    Why can't the media just leave them alone, it's their business if they want to date or not!!!

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