John Mayer Granted Five-Year Restraining Order From Obsessed Stalker

John Mayer Granted Five-Year Restraining Order From Obsessed Stalker
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John Mayer was in a Pasadena, California courtroom this week in an attempt to obtain a five-year restraining order against an alleged stalker. The Waiting For The World To Change singer testified that the man has harassed him by sending him numerous public and private messages on social media with references to serial killers, and the man has also threatened Mayer with physical violence.

According to The Blast , Mayer and his lawyer were in court on Tuesday, October 22nd, and Mayer briefly testified about the claims in his court filing. The singer said the obsessed fan has harassed him for months, and he wants legal protection.

Mayer alleges that the man referred to infamous serial killer Ted Bundy and Mark David Chapman - who killed John Lennon - in his messages, and his threats also featured anti-Semitic language.

Some of the messages the man allegedly sent include, "You step from me again and I will kill you" and "I've put many a jew in the hospital." The man also told Mayer that “all ya had to do was be my pal.” Mayer said that the man’s messages and behavior “indicate an unhealthy obsession with me.”

The Carry Me Away singer explained that the messages have made him fearful of the man, and they have also caused him “substantial emotional distress.”

The 42-year-old added that after the man sent “threatening, violent, and disturbing messages” to him, the man showed up in a public place in North Carolina knowing that Mayer was going to make a public appearance. Mayer’s security team was able to keep the man away from the singer and banned him from the venue.

Mayer argued that since the man has the ability to travel and is determined to make contact, he is concerned for his own safety, as well as the safety of his colleagues who the man has referenced in his messages.

After hearing Mayer’s testimony, the judge granted the singer’s request for a five-year permanent restraining order. The man must now stay at least 100 yards away from Mayer, and if he attempts to contact the singer in any way, police can arrest him.

John Mayer is currently on a world tour with Dead & Company, and they have upcoming dates in New York, Virginia, and California.

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