Jessica Biel Says She Was Never Really A Big Fan Of NSYNC

Jessica Biel Says She Was Never Really A Big Fan Of NSYNC
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Reported first by Page Six, the outlet claims that despite the fact Jessica Biel is married to the pop star, Justin Timberlake, she was never the biggest NSYNC fan. In fact, she never listened to their music at all when they were at the height of their success.

During her appearence on The Tonight Show , the 37-year-old actress claimed that, as a teen, she liked listening to musical theater soundtracks from Rent rather than just regular pop music. Furthermore, Jimmy Fallon shared a video clip of Biel saying she wasn't fond of the group back in 1999.

In the old interview, Biel can be heard saying that she had heard of them, but never really listened to their music. "I'm not a huge fan, but, I mean, cool, I guess." With that said, while some might believe she was probably a fan of Backstreet Boys instead, she actually wasn't.

Furthermore, Biel doesn't even know a single NYSNC song, and she came to realize that simple fact while in Italy earlier this year where she was dared to sing one song from the group in its entirety. "I couldn't," Biel remarked.

Biel went on to say that Timberlake taught her how to sing the whole song, but she had to keep looking at her phone to finish it. According to a report from, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel first met at the Golden Globes back in 2007.

Speaking with reporters from Access Hollywood Live shortly after their encounter, Beverly Mitchell, her Seventh Heaven co-star, said when she met Justin, sparks flew, and it was "very, very sweet." Beverly claimed they were definitely flirting with each other.

Later on, Timberlake actually told his friend to ask Jessica if he could call her up on the phone, and they subsequently went on a date. However, apparently, it didn't go down as well as one might initially assume.

According to Us Weekly, Timberlake said at a press conference at the Hollywood Foreign Press conference that he had to be very "persistent" to seduce Jessica. Justin and Jessica never actually kissed for a long time. Timberlake went on tour not long after they first met.


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