New Recording Features Amber Heard Admitting To Accidentally Slamming Door On Johnny Depp's Head

New Recording Features Amber Heard Admitting To Accidentally Slamming Door On Johnny Depp's Head
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In a new recording, Amber Heard can be heard admitting to slamming a door onto Johnny Depp's head. Currently, Heard and Johnny are fighting in a court of law regarding Depp's defamation lawsuit in which he accused Amber of lying about domestic abuse and tarnishing his reputation and career.

The 33-year-old actress, via Page Six, claims in the tape that she once "clocked" Johnny in the jaw. Heard apologizes to him in the recording, explaining that she remembered hitting him in "response to the door thing."

"And I'm really sorry about hitting you with the door or hitting your head," Depp can be heard saying in the recording. Reportedly, Johnny's lawyers first played the recording back in August 2016 during her videotaped deposition amid their divorce proceedings.

During the deposition, and after listening to the audio recording, Heard purportedly said aloud in front of the court that she never meant to slam a door onto his head, but she did hit him. Heard said in the court deposition that she was trying to escape because Johnny was attacking her.

Furthermore, Amber claimed during the trial that the tape was misrepresenting what had actually occurred. According to the Never Back Down actress, she was trying to keep Johnny out of the room and he was trying to break in.

Followers of the case know that this isn't the only tape revealed since Johnny's defamation suit against her began. He sued her for $50 million over the opinion piece she wrote in the editorial section of The Washington Post.

In the essay, Heard described herself as a survivor of domestic abuse, and while she never said his name directly, it was widely assumed to be Johnny she was referring to. Depp has repeatedly denied this claim, arguing that it was Heard who was the abusive one.

When the scandal first broke amid their separation, public opinion appeared to be, for the most part, on Heard's side. However, it all changed when an audio recording published by The Daily Mail featured Amber admitting to hitting Johnny and demeaning him for being concerned about it.

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