Johnny Depp Stands By Allegations Of Abuse As Audio Recordings Of Amber Heard Admitting To Hitting Him Hit The Media

Johnny Depp Stands By Allegations Of Abuse As Audio Recordings Of Amber Heard Admitting To Hitting Him Hit The Media
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Johnny Depp, who accused Amber Heard of physical abuse, is continuing to stand by his claims after new audio recordings featuring the actress admitting to violence surfaced online. USA Today reported on an audio clip obtained by The Daily Mail which confirmed that it was a real recording from 2015.

Adam Waldman, Johnny Depp's attorney, confirmed to reporters from USA Today that the recording is a real conversation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in which they discuss how Heard had hurt Johnny one evening.

The clip features the formerly married couple arguing over whether or not it was just punching or an open-handed slap. Amber says in the clip, "I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you." Depp goes on to say that he didn't want a divorce and didn't want to separate, but if it continued to get physical, they would have to call it off.

Heard says that she can't promise to be "perfect," and also says she can't promise "(she) won't get physical again." The actress goes on to say that sometimes she just gets so mad. Waldman claims Amber actually recorded conversations she had with him.

According to Waldman, the confessional tape she created reveals a pattern of abuse that any abused person would recognize. He stated that it was a sign of repeated abuse against Mr. Depp, adding that her claims were part of an elaborate hoax to ruin his reputation.

Ever since Amber and Johnny split up back in 2016, both parties have been engaged in a civil court dispute over allegations of domestic abuse and defamation. Back in March of 2019, Johnny filed a lawsuit against Amber for writing an opinion piece about being an abuse survivor in The Washington Post.

In her counter-claims, Heard accused Depp of regularly hitting her during their 18-month marriage and even before. Eric George, Amber's lawyer, wrote to the USA today that Depp was guilty of "monstrous behavior."

Later, Johnny expanded on his claims, including the accusation that Heard threw heavy objects and other miscellaneous items at his head.

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