Nevada Court Records Show that Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Were Wed On Saturday Last Week

Nevada Court Records Show that Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Were Wed On Saturday Last Week
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Early in the spring, rumors of an engagement between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez surfaced. Then, by flashing a green diamond ring around in mid-April, the singer made this revelation official.

And now, since the couple had discreetly wed the day before, it has been revealed by international newspapers.

Nevada court records show that Ben and Jennifer were wed on Saturday, July 16, last week. The full names of Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez are listed on the marriage license.

However, the press is still in the dark about the specifics of the Las Vegas wedding ceremony, which was held in secret.

Twenty years ago, in 2002, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck became engaged for the first time. Due to considerable media attention, the wedding was ultimately postponed, and two years later, the pair ended their relationship. They reestablished their relationship a year ago.

In a previous column, When word of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's reunion spread, many people assumed they had returned to the 2000s.

Despite being over twenty years later, a brilliant pair of zero nevertheless chose to try again. The stars serve as living proof that genuine emotions can be held in reserve.

The ex-lovers were able to find comfort in each other's embraces after learning great lessons and losing themselves in books with other people.

The 52-year-old beauty opened up in a recent interview with People magazine about their marriage. The pair have been living together for a while, and even the space where the talk took place has been transformed into Ben's workplace.

The actors, who were young and frail, were unable to withstand the pressure from the media. The pair made one final effort to maintain their engagement after the film "Gigli" was a stunning disaster in 2003.


Regrettably, the young chose to stop writing their manuscript because of the criticism in the film industry.

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