Jennifer Garner Is Ready To Meet Ben Affleck's New Love Ana De Armas — Will She Be Kid Approved?

Jennifer Garner Is Ready To Meet Ben Affleck's New Love Ana De Armas — Will She Be Kid Approved?
Credit: Source: jennifer Garner/Instagram

Have they or haven't they — met that is. And the duo that is garnering the most speculation is Jennifer Garner and Ana de Armas. Jennifer Garner was spotted picking up her 14-year-old daughter Violet from ex-husband's Ben Affleck's home on Saturday, April 11, 2020. Though reports have said that Jennifer Garner is ready to meet Ben Affleck's new love, when Jennifer picked up Violet, Ana was out for a walk. At this point, it is unclear if Violet has met Ana while visiting her dad or if they are delaying the meeting at the moment. What is certain; however, is that Jennifer Garner's and Ana de Armas' paths are crossing. If they are trying to delay a meeting or just keeping it away from the paparazzi who seem to be permanent fixtures in their Pacific Palisades neighborhood remains to be known. Living about half a mile from each other, paparazzi have frequently snapped photos of Jennifer and Ben as they amicably co-parent their three children: Violet (14), Seraphina (11) and Samuel (8). Will paparazzi soon capture snaps of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and Ana de Armas?

The National Enquirer spoke to a source who dished on Jennifer, Ben, and Ana for their upcoming April 20, 2020, issue. The source stated the following while discussing Jennifer Garner's readiness to meet Ana.

"Jen's heart is definitely in the right place, but she wants to make sure Ana's kid-friendly. She can see Ben's head over heels for Ana and wants to do her due diligence."

The source continued to say that though Jennifer is supportive, she's also cautious.

"It all looks good, but Jen's seen the others come and go. She wants to make sure Ana's got staying power and get a firsthand chance to get to know her before she becomes a part of her kids' lives."

You may see several photos of Jennifer Garner picking up Violet from ex-husband's Ben Affleck's home below.

What do you think about the report? Do you think Jennifer Garner is being overprotective or do you agree with her wanting to check Ana de Armas out before she begins spending time with her children?

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas met when they co-starred in the upcoming movie Deep Water that is set for a November 2020 release date.


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