Netflix Debuts 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer - Here It Is - See The Gang Reunited For A Terrifying Independence Day

Netflix Debuts 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer - Here It Is - See The Gang Reunited For A Terrifying Independence Day
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Diehard fans have been waiting a long time to finally see the new trailer for Stranger Things 3 and Netflix made enthusiasts very happy by debuting it. Check out the video below.

Everyone knows that the series has been a huge success on Netflix. It was really their most successful creation according to some opinions.

This retro vibe of the show is quite appealing to both millennials and their parents as well. Who will be heading to the Upside Down next? Fans are dying to know more.

Usually, new episodes came around Halloween. This time, the series' producers switched things up because brand new stories are coming during the summer.

Complex reported that a catchphrase has been unleashed to create hype for the new season: 'One summer can change everything,' Hot New Hip Hop reports.

The trailer brings all the cool characters back to the screen and there are also some images which show the monsters featured in the show.

Needless to say, fans are crazy with excitement.

Someone said 'Ill be counting down the minutes to midnight when this starts starting from eleven.'

One person noted that '80's References The Show Season 3. ...I love how "80's" it is. XD.'

Another fan gushed over the trailer and said 'I LOVE IT! The brother relationship between Steve and Dustin is adorable!😍'

Someone simply adores the soundtrack: 'Whoever is responsible for choosing the songs for the trailers and the soundtrack itself needs an award. Or a huge raise.'

One other fan commented: 'The idea of the song which plays in this trailer, Baba O’Riley was about two teens embarking on a journey to some big, larger than life attraction. Something tells me that is representative of the story of this season. Teenage Wasteland!'

Stranger Things 3 will premiere on July 4th.

What do you think about the new trailer?

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