Nene Leakes Wants Kandi Burruss To Let Phaedra Parks Return To RHOA: 'Why You Scared?'

Nene Leakes Wants Kandi Burruss To Let Phaedra Parks Return To RHOA: 'Why You Scared?'
Credit: Source: People

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion may be canceled but that isn't stopping the shade. Nene Leakes thinks that Kandi Burruss should stop threatening to quit the show if Phaedra Parks comes back.

Nene has spent the better part of the season reconciling with the ladies just to be back on the rocks with some of her co-stars now that it's over.

During a recent Youtube Live session, Nene had some choice words for the Xscape singer.

'Kandi is always doing all her stuff -- being mean and nasty in her interviews, yelling and doing all that for no reason. Like, ain't nobody over here did nothing to her. So it's interesting to me how she didn't want Phaedra to come be back over here on the show. I mean, you know, you so ...... why you can't face Phaedra? You gon' run off the show when Phaedra come back but you so happy to sit here and see me beef with someone. Let us see you and Phaedra go toe to toe girl let us see you get your reads together. You so busy telling them that you'll leave the show if Phaedra comes back. Let Phaedra come back! Why you scared? You so interested in talking about everybody else's beef -- let us see yours with Phaedra.'

Nene is referring to Kandi's comments that she would leave the show if they allow Phaedra to come back because she spread a rumor that the business owner was planning to drug and sexually assault Porsha Williams.

What seemed to set Leakes off this time was the clip from the RHOA after show where Kandi and Kenya Moore criticized Porsha for being friends with Nene again after their nasty feud.

Burruss and Moore insisted that it was Williams' idea to ice Nene out and were shocked by her sudden change of heart.


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