NeNe Leakes Slams Accusations Claiming That She Unfollowed Andy Cohen On Twitter

NeNe Leakes Slams Accusations Claiming That She Unfollowed Andy Cohen On Twitter
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It was recently reported that Andy Cohen practically threw NeNe Leakes under the bus during his March 10 episode of WWHL.

He said that he had heard NeNe unfollowed him too on social media after she unfollowed a bunch of her RHOA co-stars.

Now, NeNe wants to set things straight once and for all, and she addressed the matter on Twitter.

'I will say it AGAIN! I was NEVER following @andy on Instagram. He wasn’t following me or any housewives! He knows this! In fact i texted him and asked, why did u say that on WWHL when we don’t follow each other! ALL FACTS! Now go ask him! I NEVER need to lie. For what?' NeNe posted.

Someone told NeNe: 'Just because you’re going through a hardship does not make it any right to treat the people like shit that have supported you. I can’t wait till the girls roast your ass this reunion and call you out for your behavior. Seems to me that the DOOR IS CLOSED FOR U #RHOA.'

Another follower believes this: 'I think he was getting confused with Twitter as someone had tagged him about it, then they said you had potentially blocked him on IG. Maybe he never knew you didn’t follow him on IG? It’s a petty argument regardless. Who cares who follows who. 🙄'

One of NeNe's followers said that they believe her: 'I believe you. It’s ANDY that was being super messy on WWHL and started this entire scandal.'

I was already reported that NeNe got upset with the majority of her co-stars.

The RHOA stars taped the season 1 reunion special, and it was explosive.

The show's fans already know that Nene has been struggling with her position as caretaker for her husband Gregg Leakes who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Their lives changed ever since.

It seems that the RHOA ladies ganged up on Nene during the reunion taping they criticized her for being mean to her sick husband. That's why NeNe unfollowed most of them .

In other more exciting news, NeNe just announced her fans that she took her beloved Swagg Boutique to the very next level .

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