Wendy Williams Reveals Substance Abuse Hotline After Addressing Her Own Crack Cocaine Addiction

Wendy Williams Reveals Substance Abuse Hotline After Addressing Her Own Crack Cocaine Addiction
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After returning to her show and fans, Wendy Williams recently touched the subject of drug abuse and her experience with something like this .

‘You know this about me. I told you I’ve had my bouts with substance abuse,’ the entertainer said as reported by Hot New Hip Hop.

She said that  ‘Once you’re a substance abuser, you have to battle that for the rest of your life.’

Now, Wendy impressed everyone with her initiative.

The same online magazine reported her latest announcement that will definitely materialize into something that is going to help a lot of people who are struggling with drug-related problems.

Wendy announced that her family’s Hunter Foundation just launched a substance abuse hotline.

'The Hunter Foundation launched a 24-hour nationwide hotline to offer treatment resources to get help for you if you happen to be addicted to drugs and substance abusing,' Wendy told her audience.

She continued and said 'What you do is you call, and your call will be answered by specially-trained, certified recovery coaches.'

Wendy also stated that 'We must all come together to respond to this crisis of addiction and substance abuse. Everyone is at risk from the inner cities to more affluent communities. My family and I are very proud to partner with T.R.U.S.T. to get people the help that they so desperately need, especially if they or their families have given up hope. There is hope.'

Wendy's fans are proud of her and this latest achievement which will help a lot of troubled people who don;lt know what to do anymore or where to ask for help.

Fans are happy to see their favorite TV show host back at work and doing great. She is also looking good which must mean that her health is on the right track to full recovery. Congrats, Wendy!

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