Katharine McPhee Remembers Her Best School Days With Meghan Markle

Katharine McPhee Remembers Her Best School Days With Meghan Markle
Credit: Source: eonline.com

Katharine McPhee still remembers her school days and will apparently never forget her time being Meghan Markle’s schoolmate! The Duchess has apparently left a long lasting impression on the actress, despite all of that being now in the past.

Earlier today, McPhee was a guest on Good Morning Britain, and while there, she opened up about her connection to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

‘I went to school with Meghan Markle. I was in middle school while she was in high school. My sister was actually in her class, so they were obviously the same age. She was always very lovely and always talented and always just very put together,’ she explained. What a small world!

This is not the first time the public hears about this, however!

After all, back in January, McPhee shared a throwback pic on her Instagram page that featured her and Meghan being very close, both figuratively and literally!

In the caption, the actress wrote: ‘Meghan and I did musicals together when we were kids. She grew up to be Duchess of Sussex while I grew up to star on West End, so [it is the] same life if you ask me. #TBT.’

As you can imagine, not everyone was excited to see the old photo since there were also some users who accused McPhee of trying to gain off of Markle’s fame.

‘She is just trying to bank on Meghan's fame. She wants to be famous and rich,’ one user accused her after seeing the Throwback Thursday post.

In response, McPhee wrote: ‘Yeah you are right. I have made so much money off this photo. Give me a break.’


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