Naturi Naughton Has Classy Response To 50 Cent's Second Diss Of Her Hairline!

Naturi Naughton Has Classy Response To 50 Cent's Second Diss Of Her Hairline!
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After 50 Cent mocked Naturi Naughton’s hairline for a second time after just apologizing, she once again responded to the unnecessary shade with equal quantities of confusion and clap-back all the while still remaining classy about it! 50’s Power co-star was obviously bothered by the diss, especially since they never had drama!

She took to her IG account to repost that one side by side image that compared her hairstyle with the one of a character from Mortal Combat and shared her response in the caption.

It reads: ‘There’s so much I wanna say but… You don’t even have an Instagram account so.. why waste my characters or come out of my CHARACTER! pick up a copy of my upcoming book [What Not To Do When You’re A Boss]. #ImNotACharacter, #IAmARealPerson, #IAmAWoman, #IAmABlackWoman.’

And that was not all! Naturi also included in the same post a screengrab of a tweet from her own account that read: ‘50Cent Did we have a fight and I not know about? So confused.  #SoMuchForPowerFam.’

This previous post on Twitter was a response to the rapper’s initial diss of her hairline.

As the actress also mentioned, 50 Cent doesn’t have an Instagram but you may know that was not always the case!

Usually, it’s his go-to platform when it comes to his drama with other celebrities.

However, he just deleted it all of a sudden in the last few days and so, he moved his trolling to Twitter instead!

After he dissed her the first time, 50 decided to apologize so Naturi told Page Six during an interview that she appreciated it and that she was over the insult.

Naturally, the repeated offense only got her more confused and upset, however, hence her second post about it.

What was the point in apologizing if he was going to use the same bad joke about her appearance again?


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