Natalie Portman Responds To Rose McGowan's Diss - Admits She's Not 'Brave'

Natalie Portman Responds To Rose McGowan's Diss - Admits She's Not 'Brave'
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Earlier this week, Rose McGowan took to her Facebook account to trash Natalie Portman and her speech at this year's Academy Awards. Natalie took the stage at the event to call out the academy for not nominating more female directors and artists.

According to Vanity Fair, when the backlash began, Natalie addressed the criticisms directly. Reportedly, it turns out that Portman agrees with McGowan, noting that she hasn't followed her own principles as much she'd let on.

Portman noted that it wasn't brave at all for her to wear a dress with the names of unacknowledged women embroidered on it. The actress went on to explain that real bravery was the women involved in the Harvey Weinstein case who previously testified against the disgraced producer.

Coincidentally, Rose McGowan was just one of 80 women who also called out Harvey Weinstein for his alleged behavior. The actress claims Harvey raped her back in 1997. In a statement, Portman addressed the supposed hypocrisy, noting that it was true that she has only worked with a few different women.

According to the actress, it's been a challenge to get films and productions off the ground that were made by women. Portman claims the gatekeepers of the industry have made it very difficult for her to do so.

Portman added that many of the women she has tried to work with have found it exceptionally difficult to finish their projects due to the conditions they dealt with at work. One case, in particular, was Jane Got A Gun, which was supposed to be directed by Lynne Ramsay.

Reportedly, there was an issue with the film's final cut, and she was subsequently released by Gavin O'Connor.

Portman went on to add that while she hasn't been that successful thus far, she and the rest of her production team are trying all of the time. "I am hopeful that we are stepping into a new day," the actress remarked.

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