Nas Puts Doja Cat On Blast In New Song For Participating In 'Racist' Chat Rooms

Nas Puts Doja Cat On Blast In New Song For Participating In 'Racist' Chat Rooms
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If there's one thing for certain, it's that Nas, the rapper, is proud to be a black man. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the iconic performer has a new record coming out in which he put Doja Cat on blast for participating in "racist" chat rooms.

Reportedly, Nas came for Doja Cat in a newly released single following her "racist" chat room controversy. The performing artist has come under fire for not only her online communications but also talking about the texture of her hair.

In the rapper's new track, he says, "we goin' ultra-black, unapologetically black/the opposite of Doja Cat." Clearly, Nas was putting Doja Cat on blast for her supposed feelings of self-hatred and struggle to accept her identity as a black woman.

Hip-hop fans know Doja Cat hasn't been able to catch a break ever since she first came under fire a few months back. Moreover, Doja Cat was trashed online for explaining how she didn't take the coronavirus all that seriously.

Later, many of her followers online took delight in the fact she contracted COVID-19. Even though Doja Cat has found herself at the center of controversy a number of times this year, she has managed to receive some support from other artists in the industry, albeit very indirectly.

For instance, Cardi B recently came out to address her haters following the release of her latest music video starring Kylie Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion, "WAP." In addition to some fans hating it for Jenner's inclusion, others complained it was far too vulgar.

Amid her defense of the video, Doja Cat also chimed in and said that it appeared as though much of social media were people who took a time-machine from the 1940s to the modern era. Cardi B pinged off of Doja Cat and said there was vulgar artwork and music in the 1940s as well.


Clearly, Cardi B isn't that offended by Doja Cat's quasi-scandals, otherwise, she wouldn't even bother to communicate with her online.

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