Miranda Lambert Gets Into A Heated Argument With Couple In Nashville, Reportedly Dumps A Salad Over The Wife's Head

Miranda Lambert Gets Into A Heated Argument With Couple In Nashville, Reportedly Dumps A Salad Over The Wife's Head
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This past weekend, Miranda Lambert was out eating dinner with her mom and a friend at Stoney River Steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee, when she got into a heated dispute with another couple that ended with Lambert dumping a salad on a woman. According to TMZ , an older man (the salad-covered woman’s husband) “started beefing” with Lambert’s friend, and things escalated quickly.

Apparently, the husband picked a fight with Lambert’s friend in the men’s restroom after someone made a wisecrack about millennials and their relationship with their phones. This joke seemingly insulted Lambert’s friend, and he and the other man continued to argue as they made their way back into the dining room.

Eyewitnesses say that the man eventually made his way to Blake Shelton'e ex's table and started screaming at her, but the country singer wasn’t having it.

Insiders claim that Lambert “had to be held back” when the man started his vocal assault, and she started mouthing off before walking over to the man’s wife and dumping a salad in her lap - or on her head. There are conflicting reports about where the salad landed.

Nashville police confirm that they responded to a call about two men fighting at the restaurant around 8:00 pm on Sunday evening. But, by the time officers arrived on the scene, Lambert, her mom, and her friend were gone.

So, what kind of salad did Lambert dump? Well, there are a variety of salads to choose from on the Stoney River Steakhouse menu. The chain offers a traditional house salad, a baby kale plate, a classic Caesar, a wedge salad, an Ahi tuna salad, a steak salad, and their special “Faucon Salad” which features mixed greens and bleu cheese dressing.

Lambert does not have a history of backing away from confrontation. Just four months ago, when talking about her lack of number one hits in recent years, she told the Washington Post that the reason Drowns the Whiskey - her duet with Jason Aldean - hit number one last summer (her first number one in four years) was because she sang “with someone with a p***s.”

As for the salad situation, the cops did not file a report, no one pressed charges, and neither Miranda Lambert’s team nor the Stoney River Steakhouse corporate office has commented about the incident.

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