Lauren Sanchez Reportedly One Of The Suspects In The Leak Of Her Racy Texts With Jeff Bezos

Lauren Sanchez Reportedly One Of The Suspects In The Leak Of Her Racy Texts With Jeff Bezos
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Jeff Bezos is on the hunt for whoever leaked sensitive photos of his privates – and his latest target is his mistress, Lauren Sanchez. Sources claim that investigators believe Lauren sent the racy photos to some of her friends, who later leaked the pics to the press.

Insiders believe Lauren shared the pics to brag about how she hooked up with the Amazon founder. The news comes amid reports that Lauren’s brother, Michael Sanchez, was the one who sent the images to the National Enquirer, which sources say is false.

“Michael was never even sent the d - - k pics . . . I can’t imagine anyone wanting to send her brother a d - - k pic,” the insider revealed. “There are multiple possible suspects . . . Clearly, Lauren showed these photos to her girlfriends . . . for entertainment.”

According to Page Six , the scandal heated up last week after Bezos allegedly accused David Pecker, the chairman of the publishing company behind the Enquirer, of blackmailing him with the photos. Bezos claims that Pecker said he would release more photos if he did not end the investigation, which the billionaire believes was politically motivated.

Bezos’ head of security, Gavin de Becker, just announced that the first part of the probe has concluded. Bezos gave the information to his lawyers, who plan to cooperate with federal prosecutors in New York. This is the same district that gave Pecker immunity after he leaked information about Donald Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels.

Even if Pecker has information about who leaked the photos, it is unclear if he actually committed any crime. If he did break the law in the blackmail scandal, then he will not be eligible for immunity.

None of the parties involved in the scandal have commented on the situation.

Given the nature of the story, Bezos became a target of late-night comedy over the weekend. Saturday Night Live included the scandal as part of its opening skit, which was a spoof on the popular news show Meet the Press . Although Bezos is doing everything in his power to fight back, it is clear that the controversy is not going away anytime soon.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos have both split with their respective spouses amid the leaked photo drama.

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