Miranda Lambert Unveils The Secluded Space That Inspires Her Greatest Works

Miranda Lambert Unveils The Secluded Space That Inspires Her Greatest Works
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At the peak of her career, Miranda Lambert is now offering her fans a rare glimpse into the place that is the source of much of her creative energy.

My cozy writing retreat is in her management company's Nashville headquarters, ShopKeeper Management. While showing PEOPLE around her new studio, which features a bar and memorabilia from significant events in her career, she describes it as "simply this very cool area" for creating, thinking, and producing music.

One of the items is a neon pink light-up guitar bag that she describes as "really exciting" because she used it to open the 2021 ACM Awards with Elle King. Lambert's vibrant bodice from her Fastest Girl in Town performance at the 2012 CMA Awards is also on show. Despite acknowledging that the tightness of the gown made it challenging to sing in, she deems it one of my favorite things ever worn.

She continues by saying that the eye-catching piece, created by The Blonds, was an unforgettable event in her career wardrobe. In this room, she and her longtime manager Marion Kraft have written several songs, some of which feature the talents of Luke Combs .

She notes that after working together for 17 years, they feel comfortable coming downstairs to socialize and brainstorm without feeling like they are in an office. It's incredibly relaxing and homey, and it seems like the place where you might write a song or come up with a new concept, as well as a place to keep track of all the things we've accomplished as a team.

There have been many years and effort put in, and this is a place to honor that. Lambert's commercial achievements, from her first No. 1 to her latest, are commemorated on the walls with innumerable plaques and platinum records.

That was a big deal, she adds, adding that it took three albums to earn recognition for her song "White Liar" in 2009. Because of our enthusiasm, it turned out to be quite a large project.

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