Miley Cyrus Says Her And Liam Hemsworth's Divorce Really ‘Sucked’ - Here's Why!

Miley Cyrus Says Her And Liam Hemsworth's Divorce Really ‘Sucked’ - Here's Why!
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There is no secret that divorces can be really difficult things to go through for anyone, however, Miley Cyrus revealed why it ‘sucked’ for her in particular! The singer split from her husband of a few months, Liam Hemsworth and now, she is getting candid about it while on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

As if she were in therapy, Miley was as open as possible about it all, telling Joe Rogan how she and Liam were able to deal with their separation.

However, according to her, the public and the media were unable to see that as well, which is why she was mostly portrayed as the bad guy in the relationship.

‘I just went through a public divorce which f***ing sucked. What sucked about it was not the fact that me and someone I loved realized we don’t love each other the same way we used to anymore. That is okay, I can accept that. I cannot accept the villainizing and all those stories,’ the celeb told Joe.

She went on to also point out that the public often sees things from the outside in and does not take into consideration that something else might have happened in between those things, privately!

She was, of course, mostly referring to her brief relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, something she got criticized for a lot.

After all, for some, it either seemed like she might have cheated on Liam, or at the very least, moved on from him immediately!

‘It’s amazing to me that the public thinks there’s no gap of time they didn’t see that could be what led to this. It is not, ‘One day you were happy on the red carpet and the next day you were just making out with your friend in Italy, the f**k?' There is a lot of time in between that you didn’t see.’

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