Miley Cyrus: Here's How She Feels About Sister Noah Singing About Living In Her Shadow!

Miley Cyrus: Here's How She Feels About Sister Noah Singing About Living In Her Shadow!
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In her latest song, Noah Cyrus revealed that she feels like she’s always been in her sister, Miley’s shadow! The lyrics of ‘Young and Sad’ detail Noah’s struggle with her older and more famous sister being in the spotlight but how does Miley feel to hear how Noah thinks?

One insider revealed how Miley reacted to the honest song.

The source dished via HollywoodLife that she ‘gets very emotional’ listening to Young and Sad.

The ballad that Noah dropped not too long ago is, indeed, a very raw and personal confession on how she feels being in her sister’s shadow all her life.

Noah sings: ‘My sister’s like sunshine / Always bringing light wherever she will go / I was born to rain clouds / Blessed in her shadows.’

Miley was quick to rise to superstar status at 14 due to being in the Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana.

The source mentioned that the song’s lyrics really hit Miley every time she hears them ‘because it just breaks her heart to even think of her sister hurting in any way. It’s not something she’s just hearing about. Noah's always confided in her. The cyber bullying Noah dealt with as a child was hard on the whole family because it took a toll on her. Miley's dealt with her share of cyber bullying too, but seeing it happen to her little sister hurt more than anything.’

At the end of the say, she is rather proud of Noah ‘for taking the pain and putting it into her music and she is so glad the world's finally seeing how talented Noah is.’

Besides, Miley wishes Noah could see what she sees because the star thinks her little sister and the others in her family are the much more talented ones.

Apparently, she considers Noah a musical ‘genius’ and if others don’t see it then that’s all on them!

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