Melissa Gorga Is Gunning For Danielle Staub During RHONJ Season 10

Melissa Gorga Is Gunning For Danielle Staub During RHONJ Season 10
Credit: Source: Bravo

Things got wild during the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9 reunion special earlier this year, but star Melissa Gorga says fans haven’t seen anything yet. The ladies just finished filming Season 10, and in a recent interview, Gorga revealed that fans will see her go head-to-head with Danielle Staub , and they won’t believe what comes out of Teresa Giudice’s mouth.

After Gorga was a bridesmaid in Staub’s wedding last season, the two had a falling out, but they haven’t revealed what caused their friendship to crumble. They have both unfollowed each other on social media, and it appears that Gorga has convinced Staub’s other bridesmaids and co-stars - Giudice and Margaret Josephs - to take her side.

Dolores Catania was never on board with Staub’s return to RHONJ , so now it’s Staub versus the rest of the cast, and Gorga is okay with that.

“She is a spit-fire, we all know this. She’s always good to come in and cause a little action, stir the pot and cause drama,” Gorga told AOL . “Personally, for me, this season I kind of go head-to-head with her a little bit. I do. I’m always down with someone coming through like the Tasmanian Devil because I love to tell them they’re wrong. That’s my one strong point: If you’re wrong, I’m going to tell you you’re wrong.”

Staub returned to the show two seasons ago as a part-time cast member, and the full-timers have no desire for Staub to join them, even though she is an OG. Gorga says that casting RHONJ is the hardest show in the franchise to cast, and Andy Cohen has said it’s nearly impossible.

“It’s very hard to mesh with family when you’re an outsider and fit in, but finally we found a cast that works with Teresa and I, and I think we’ll hold onto this cast for a while,” says Gorga.

The 40-year-old also revealed that she and her sister-in-law get “very deep” with things that fans have been waiting for them to say for years, and in Season 10 they finally get said. Gorga says that it’s shocking that she and Giudice are at the point that they are, and they are both very comfortable in their skin.

The two got into a blowout fight during the Season 9 reunion because they “wouldn’t let it get fake,” and they wanted to be who they are. Gorga says they really do love each other and they are family, but sometimes they do have a “push-shove kind of thing.”

In a separate interview, Giudice echoed her sister-in-law’s statement, saying that they are close and they are family. The Turning the Tables author added that if she has something to say to Gorga, she says it to her face, and vice-versa. At the same time, they are there for each other “in a heartbeat.”

As for what goes down during Season 10, Giudice says that she didn’t expect the things that happened, and she was “more mad this season than when I flipped the table.”


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