Megyn Kelly's Son Convinced Charlize Theron Is His Mom's Twin In Poster For The Movie ‘Bombshell’

Megyn Kelly's Son Convinced Charlize Theron Is His Mom's Twin In Poster For The Movie ‘Bombshell’
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Megyn Kelly’s 6 year old son was very confused when he saw a pic of Charlize Theron on a poster for the movie Bombshell and he thought the actress and his mom were twins! Indeed, the two women look quite alike!

As you may know, Theron plays the journalist in the film so seeing the poster might have felt like seeing double for 6 year old Thatcher.

And Megyn thought it was super funny and cute so she took to social media to share a snap of the boy starring up at the promotional material.

In the caption, she explained the story behind it, saying that: ‘My husband @dougbrunt and I recently took our 3 kids to see the movie Frozen 2. As we walked into the theatre, our six-year-old stopped at this poster promoting another film hitting the big screen. The ad confused him as it appears to show a picture of me.’

The movie's all about a group of women taking on Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News and the toxicity he propagated while at the network.

It stars some other huge names in the industry, including Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie!

Megyn continued her letter in the caption, explaining how she feels about the film.

‘While the movie Bombshell's loosely based on my experience during the whole sexual harassment scandal at Fox, I have nothing to do with the film. I didn't sell the rights to my story or the book and only got my first look at the movie once it was past the point of possible edits, though there's certainly some I would have made.’

Megyn admitted that it was a very emotional experience to see that poster and the trailer for the movie and teased that she’ll share her thoughts on it in more detail soon.


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