Meghan Markle's Brother Also Begs The Duchess To 'Start Fresh' As A Family After Her Father's Pleas!

Meghan Markle's Brother Also Begs The Duchess To 'Start Fresh' As A Family After Her Father's Pleas!
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It already is a well-known fact that ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, her family has not been having the best of relationships. While usually, her father Thomas and half-sister Samantha either shade the former actress or beg her to get in contact with them, this time around, it is her brother, Thomas Markle Jr. who wants them all to ‘start fresh!’ Will the Duchess’ older sibling have more success convincing her?

Meghan has not been responding to any of her family members’ appeals on social media and in other forms of press.

It is pretty clear that in fact, Meghan and her adoptive family, the British Royals, do not appreciate the public drama so it makes sense that the more the Markles try to get in contact with Meghan via interviews, shows, and online posts, the more they push her away.

But as her father has said multiple times, they will not be silenced!

Now, her brother Thomas Jr., shared with DailyMailTV, a Christmas card he sent his sister and her husband and also told the outlet that:

‘It would be really nice to mend the family for the New Year. We miss you, love you and we are very proud of you. I am making a point to reach out to Meghan with a Christmas card to her saying we should put all of our differences aside and remember the family we had before.'

But the man admitted that he doesn’t have high expectations as far as getting a response from Meghan is concerned.

But, ‘With everything that has gone on in the last 2 years, I think the New Year is truly the perfect time for a new beginning for her and for the family—just to start fresh and make some sort of contact - definitely to let my father see his grandchild when it is born. I'd feel pretty honored if she opened her door and invited the Markles to see the new baby.’


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